TVB Anniversary

Sunday, November 20, 2005

And the winners for 2005 are ...

The Winners Gallery

Best Series: War of In-Laws
[Top 3 nominees were War on In-Laws, Life Made Simple, My Family]

Best Foreign Series: Jewel in the Palace

Best Actor: Roger Kwok (Life Made Simple)
[Top 5 nominees were Moses Chan (Gentle Crackdown), Joe Ma (Revolving Doors of Vengeance), Michael Miu (The Academy), Chung King Fai (My Family), Roger Kwok (Life Made Simple)]

Best Actress: Lisa Wang (War of In-Laws)
[Top 5 nominees were Kenix Kwok (Revolving Doors of Vengeance), Myolie Wu (War of In-Laws), Gigi Lai (The Charm Beneath), Jessica Hsuan (Life Made Simple), Lisa Wang (War of In-Laws)]

My Favourite Actor: Bowie Lam
My Favourite Actress: Gigi Lai

Best Acting Award (something like the Lifetime Achievement Award): Ha Ping

Most Improved Actor: Bosco Wong (War of In-Laws)

Most Improved Actress: Niki Chow (The Gentle Crackdown)

Best Supporting Actor: Ha Yu (My Family)
[Top 5 nominees were Ha Yu (My Family), Paul Chun (Love Bond), Wayne Lai (Scavenger's Paradise), John Chiang (Revolving Doors of Vengenace), Kenneth Ma - (Into Thin Air)]

Best Supporting Actress: Angela Tong (Life Made Simple)
[Top 5 nominees were Rebecca Chan (My Family), Michelle Yim (The Gentle Crackdown), Christine Ng (War of In-Laws), Kiki Sheung (The Charm Beneath), Angela Tong (Life Made Simple)]

Best Host: Carol Cheng (Justice for All)

Best Variety Show: Minutes to Fame

Best Promotional Clip: War of In-Laws - Spitting Fire Clip

Most Valued Award: 1405 Cheng Nam South to Sea

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Star-Gazing: Scenes from the Anniversary Show

Leading ladies Yoyo Mung, Jessica Hsuan, Melissa Ng, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Sonja Kwok

Up and rising stars Claire, Sharon Chan, Christine Ng, Lisa Wang, Tavia Yeung, Shirley Yeung, Bosco Wong

Gigi Lai (and her second Gucci dress) and Bowie Lam guest announcers for the Best Supporting Actress Award

Lisa Wang's two dress changes

Carol Cheng in two of her three outfits

The 9 hosts for the Anniversary Show

Bowie and Gigi's dance performance

Bernice Liu, Myolie Wu, Shirley Yeung, Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung's swan dance

Star-Gazing: Red Carpet Photos from the Anniversary Show Part 3

Christine Ng's two gown changes with the one on the right being this year's most daring outfit

Melissa Ng, elegant as always, Kenix Kwok, and Shirley Yeung (her dress is said to be the worst outfit for this year's show in some quarters)

Yoyo Mung's decorous front reveals a low-cut back

Nancy Wu (what's with that hairstyle?), Leila Tong, and Angela Tong

Sammul Chan and Ella Koon

Anne Heung's beautiful, beautiful red dress a splash of colour in the otherwise pastel sea of outfits

Star-Gazing: Red Carpet Photos from the Anniversary Show Part 2

Tavia Yeung exposing her tanned shoulders, and then some more. She and "date" Ron Ng were coordinated in blue.

Sonja in blue Gucci. Her necklace was made up of more than 70 carats of diamonds.

Raymond Lam, Sharon Chan, Bernice Liu Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam looking dapper in suits, Bernice as stunning as usual in a HK$40,000 Gucci gown. Her two sets of sponsored jewellery were priced at a cool HK$1 mil. She said that although it was cold, only a low-cut gown was befitting the Anniversary Show. Tasty tidbit! Moses Chan and Gigi Lai arrived on the red carpet at the same time. Upon seeing Bernice's sexy dress, Moses was "stunned", and "hurried as fast as his legs could carry him into the hall", "avoiding all questions from reporters".

Joe Ma and Charmaine Sheh a sight to behold, even though she was one of the few actresses that chose to cover up, disappointing many! According to Charmaine, she preferred to look after her health (the weather was cold....) rather than vamp it up for the cameras.

Bobby Au-Yeung, Michael Miu and Nikki Chow's little-girl butterfly dress

Star-Gazing: Red Carpet Photos from the Anniversary Show

Myolie Wu's all grown-up in a sexy, clevage-baring blue dress, together with Bosco Wong. Tibit! Myolie said of her outfits, "The blue dress was cut very low, and I had to shake my body during the performance. All in all, this time round, I displayed by womanly beauty." When complimented on her figure, Myolie said that the actress with the best figure was still Bernice Liu, and that Kate Tsui was much sexier in her dance moves than her.

Jessica Hsuan's two dress changes and Roger, our Best Actor winner!

Gigi Lai's retro silver Gucci dress reveals a stunningly exposed back. Her dress cost HK$66,580, and her two sets of sponsored jewellery cost HK$3.2million! Her two dresses cost HK$100,000 in all!

Kenix Kwok and her specially-designed, Victorian-inspired white gown, 100 carat diamond necklace and arm accessory in the form of hubby Frankie Lam